leoIf you were to decide that you'd like to play, oh let's say hockey. What chance do you realistically think there is that you would ever lace up against the best players in the world such as the likes of Sidney Crosby or Wayne Gretzky. Well when I stumbled in to the sport of BPCR that is just what I experienced. To this day I continue to compete against what I think are some of the best shooters in the world. There just isn't anything like standing shoulder to shoulder with shooters the caliber of Steve Brooks, Butch Ulsher, Steve Garby or Mike Ventrurino. In fact I believe it was one of those fine gentleman who took the time to encourage me to get involved in the sport and even had me take a few shots with their rifle after the match at Livingstone Montana about 18 years ago. Like a fish on a line, with the squeeze of the trigger I was hooked. I had traveled from my home in Canada to Livingstone Montana on the suggestion from someone that I take a look at this shooting craze. I was welcomed with typical Montana hospitality and throughout the weekend was treated with amazing displays of shooting abilities. I returned to Canada and knew I had to participate in this sport. I was more than fortunate to locate the Ermels who were land owners near me with a piece of land suitable for the development of a range. The beginning days were financed either through my pocket or the generosity of folks like Steve and Gale Brooks. In year three of my range they graciously donated a Brooks Knife to be raffled off with funds going towards the range development. Since that time Steve and Gale have donated a bullet mould every year without fail. Over the past sixteen years I have been enjoying the sport here in Canada I have been fortunate to have others join in, Ivan Couronne, Len Volman, Ron Jordan, Paul Lawrence and many more. These folks were instrumental in achieving the success we now have. Our match in July has risen to be, so I am told, a match not to be missed. Kirk and Heather from the Shiloh Rifle company have stated that it is the most fun they have at a match all year. In fact the folks at Shiloh have donated a rifle for the last two years which is drawn for at the conclusion of the shooting events.

It seemed only part of natural evolution that I would try and give back to the sport in some way. With the opportunity to retire from the rigors of a full time job I decided to try my hand at mould making. Once again Steve and Gale Brooks played a key role and have been very generous with support and encouragement. I built a new shop, tooled it up and experienced a somewhat steep learning curve until I arrived at what I think is a quality product offered at reasonable pricing. I love it when folks report back on the success they are experiencing in the sport with one of my moulds. So if you purchase one of my moulds and would like to share your success please let me know and I will get you on my testimonial page.

My business plan is to produce moulds suitable for the serious competitor, hunter or sportsman. I will cut each mould to the customer's specifications and get it to them as promptly as I can. Delivery of your mould will be dependent on when your order is received as I cut orders on a first come basis. Once you receive your mould, if for any reason you are not satisfied simply return it or contact me.

Thank you for considering one of my moulds and I look forward to shooting alongside you someday.