You could not ask for a more pleasant and customer-oriented experience than to deal with Leo at Boomer's Moulds. I asked Leo for two moulds of my own design -both different from his normal production. The first, a .376 round-nose was no problem. The second, a .289 elliptical nose, Loverin-style, gas-check bullet was more of a challenge because of the small size, multiple lub grooves and stepped shank for the gas check. Leo stuck with it and did not give up until he got it right. The moulds came with two cast bullets each and they were right on spec. I can't wait to try them out. For those of us north of 49. it's an added bonus that we have a great custom shop right here at home.

- Jim, Lanark, Ontario

If you are looking at another custom bullet mould, but don't want to pay the high price of other makers, I would suggest you contact Leo Bumphrey at Boomers Custom Moulds. I ordered a mould from Leo this last year and when I received it, I was pleasantly surprised as how well it cast bullets. They "jumped" out of the mould (as you rarely hear anymore). I didn't want to jump on his bandwagon too early, but last week I heard from another (well respected) shooter who just received a mould from Leo. He too had the same experience I had. Some may be hesitant about ordering something from Canada; not to worry, it was painless. Leo is easy to work with and warrants his work.

- Jim K.

The 410 grain Money mold is averaging 1.2 inch groups in my new .40-65 WCF 1874 Shiloh Sharps with Swiss FFFg. Will shoot 1 MOA if I pay attention to the wind. I leave just enough of the front band out to engage and center in the bore. Able to load the .398 Money noses; were as the Paul Jones Creedmore .400 noses had to be levered in.

- Dave

TestimonialsI tried this new bullet in my RB .45-90. I loaded it over 67 grains of Swiss 1 1/2 with CCI-BR primers. At 200 yards 7 of 10 shots were in 2.00 inches and all 10 were in a nice round group just a hair over 3.00 inches. Two were touching about an inch right of the tight cluster and one was about an inch above it. There was a little bit of wind so I think that was an excellent first outing with it.

Leo: Here's an end of the year update. Early in the season my favorite RB .45-90 developed trigger problems and I didn't get to shoot your bullet much until it was fixed in September. After I got the rifle back I won the Butte BPCR Silhouette match for September with a score of 30 and five of those were chickens.

Then at Phoenix for the AZ state scoped and iron sight championships I used that rifle and your bullet for the chickens. I feel like I was hitting them better than I have in years, and it was especially fun to win that shoot off with Butch for the 3rd place in Master Class. I thank you again for the mould.

- Mike Venturino

Great bullet.  Developed a load for it and went on to win the mid range championships at Raton.  Look forward to seeing more of your bullets in competition.

- Butch Ulsher

testimonialsI’ve been an avid BPCR shooter for the Past 13 years and have purchased numerous custom mould from mould makers during that time. Leo himself is an avid shooter of BPCR and when Boomer’s mould’s came on stream I was excited to have a mould maker in my back yard so to speak, I am now using boomer’s mould exclusively, and of various nose types in my arsenal of Shiloh rifles .   Boomer’s moulds are cut to the shooters specifications and casting is a breeze.  All round Boomer’s provides an excellent product. Most recent success was in Phoenix Arizona at the State Match.  Using  bullets cast from a Boomer’s mould in my 45-70 sharps I tied for third overall and ended up shooting off for third ( sorry to say I lost that shoot off ) and shot off for and won the  AAA scope class . It was great to see that 4 off the awards for that State match went to shooters using Boomer’s product.

- Ivan Couronne

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